Frequently Asked Questions


What temperament do corgis have?

Corgis are friendly, playful, and outgoing. They can also be stubborn and protective.

Are corgis easy to train?

Yes, from our experience the corgis easily pickup on commands and learn others on their own.

Do corgis make good apartment dogs?

Yes, with regular exercise. Corgis are active dogs.

Do you potty train the puppies before I get them?

Yes, we pad and kennel train the puppies. Once they're old enough they start going outside with the other dogs for potty breaks. Although we do our best to potty train them, the puppies may still have accidents.

How are the puppies socialized?

They are socialized with various dogs of different sizes and a cat. The dogs also receive one on one time so they can learn how to behave with people and so we can work on correcting any bad behavior.

What type of behavioral problems would a corgi typically have?

Corgis can have food aggression if they are not trained how to use their own bowl or have a routine food schedule. They also are not very fond of having their paws played with. We we work hard at preventing this issue by establishing routines early on and playing with their feet to help them get used to it.

My puppy is chewing on everything! What can I do?

With corgis it is very important to redirect and not just punish. You can do this by giving them a toy anytime they are caught chewing on something they're not supposed to. We recommend Himalayan Dog Chew. These will last a while, are appealing to your puppy or grown corgi, and won't splinter like other brands can.


What health problems could a corgi have?

Due to their long body type Corgis are prone to slipped disk and other back injuries if they overextend themselves. They are also prone to some genetic diseases such as Von Willebrand and Degenerative Myelopathy.

What shots will my puppy get before going home with me?

Our puppies get 2 rounds of the DHPP vaccine. It prevents four different viruses: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

Are the puppies dewormed?

Yes, all the puppies get dewormed every 2 weeks.

Are your corgis health tested?

Yes, we test all our parents for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

Do corgis shed?

Yes, corgis shed lightly all year round . They shed heavily during seasonal changes in the Spring and Fall. Seasonal differences and genetics will play a roll in how heavily they will shed.

How long is the average corgi lifespan?

Anywhere from 8 to 15 years.

How big do your corgis get?

Our average size has been 28 lbs

What is the difference between a docked and undocked tail?

Docked is when the puppies tail is removed. Undocked is when the puppies tail is kept intact.


Are your corgis AKC registered?

Yes, all our corgis are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, all our corgis come microchipped.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver to you or a mutual location. If the trip to meet you is too far (usually 5 hrs for a 1 way trip), then we will charge at cost to deliver.

How much do corgis cost?

AKC registered corgis generally sell between $800-$2,500. There are many factors that go into pricing a corgi.

Here are some reasons why our corgis cost $1,000.

How do I pay for my puppy?

For the deposit we accept Google Pay, Check, or USD in person or mail. The final payment must be made with USD only.

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