Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of dog is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are small to medium size herding dogs. Although they may not look like it, Corgis are athletic and have high energy. They are very intelligent and can be trained easily. Corgis have a thick double-coat and shed lightly all year round. The amount of shedding a Corgi goes through will increase during seasonal changes.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a big dog in a little body.

Are Corgis easy to train?

Corgis are easy to train because they are an intelligent breed and are highly food motivated. You should train your Corgi for 10 minutes 1-3 times a day using small healthy treats or food pieces as a reward.

Do Corgis make good apartment dogs?

Corgis can make good apartment dogs as long as they have regular exercise. Corgis are active dogs. They are also known to bark. Extra work will be needed to prevent barking at unfamiliar people passing by your apartment or home.

Do you potty train the puppies before I get them?

Yes, we pad and sod train the puppies. Once they're old enough they start going outside with the other dogs for potty breaks. 

Although we do our best to potty train them the puppies may still have accidents. A feeding & potty schedule will be needed to ensure success at their new home.

How are the puppies socialized?

They are socialized with various dogs of different sizes and cats.
The puppies also receive one on one time so they can learn how to
behave with people and so we can work on correcting bad behavior. 

What type of behavioral problems would a Corgi typically have?

Corgis can have food aggression if they are not trained
to use their own bowl or have a routine food schedule.
They also are not very fond of having their paws played with.
We work hard at preventing this issue by establishing routines early on and playing with their feet to help them get used to it. 

Do Corgis shed?

Corgis shed lightly all year round. They shed heavily during seasonal changes in the Spring and Fall.  Seasonal differences and genetics will play a roll in how heavily they will shed.

How big do your Corgis get?

Our average size has been 28 lbs. The standard size for corgis is between 20-30 lbs for males and 20-28 lbs for females.

Do Corgis have tails?

A Corgi's genetics will determine if it has a tail. Corgis will either have a full tail, a bobtail, or no tail. They may also have their tails dock as puppies by their breeder. The length of a docked tail will vary from seemingly no tail to bobtail.

Below are examples of a corgi's docked and undocked tail

Docked is when the puppy's tail is removed. 

Undocked is when the puppies tail is kept intact.


What do you feed the puppies?

The puppies receive milk from their mother, who gets the BEST quality probiotics and dog food made specifically for the stages of pregnancy through weaning. This allows her milk to be even more nutritious for the puppies.

The puppies later transition to wet food and when they're old enough age appropriate hard food, both of which are combined with supplements to make sure they grow into a well developed puppy. 

The food and supplements our puppies receive are both thoroughly researched and invested heavily in. We believe you get what you pay for, so our Corgis are given top of the line products, which will translate to them living a longer and healthier life. 

When your puppy goes home with you, you'll receive a go bag that contains the food it's used to so your puppy can transition to the food you have at home if you decide to feed them something different.

What health problems could a Corgi have?

Due to their long body type Corgis are prone to slipped disk and other back injuries if they overextend themselves. They are also prone to some genetic diseases that we test for.

Are your Corgis health tested?

Yes, we test for: 

Good Dog has also recognized us for having an excellent breeding program that goes above and beyond – seeking out any and all available tests and doing everything in our power to decrease the likelihood of heritable diseases being passed down. 

What shots will my puppy get before going home with me?

Our puppies get 2 rounds of the DHPP vaccine at 6 and 9 weeks old.
It protects against the following viruses: Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.

Are the puppies dewormed? 

Yes, all the puppies get dewormed every 2 weeks

How long is the average Corgi lifespan?

The avarage Pembroke Welsh Corgi lifespan is around 8 to 15 years.


If I apply will I get a puppy?

No, applying does not guarantee you a puppy from us. There are only so many puppies we have and we do our best to place the right puppy in a home that compliments it's future family's lifestyle.

How many people are on the wait list?

When placing a puppy from the wait list, your "place in line" is only a small factor when looking for their future home. We must have the best interest of our puppies in mind when planning their future. For that reason we do not strictly go by "place in line".

We do our best to have a good amount of people to choose from without having a very large list to select from considering we take a serious look into each applicant.

Can I visit the puppies in person?

We keep the environment safe for breeding to avoid our puppies from getting sick. Viruses such as Parvo can be unintentionally tracked into our home and live there for months or even years. We will however, send you photos or videos at your request in addition to our Facebook posts.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver to you or a mutual location for an additional cost based upon your address.

Are your Corgis AKC registered?

Yes, all our corgis are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, all our corgis come with a lifetime registered microchip that will be setup before going home with you.

I'm worried about scammers, how can you reassure me?

We are very communicative. Anytime you want photos or videos of your puppy we are happy to share. Upon request we can connect you with past buyers along with showing you our amazing reviews.

We only take payment when you are paired with a specific puppy and take final payment upon pickup or delivery. We want to be with you to answer questions throughout your puppy's life. 


Can I buy a puppy for someone else?

We normally don't allow straw purchases, but if you feel that we should make an exception then please contact us directly before applying.

How much do your Corgis cost?

Our price is below, but first, I’d like to explain what factors into the cost of your future corgi. 

When you get a puppy from us, you're getting more than just a dog. We take great care for the corgi parents because healthy parents make healthy puppies. Our planned litters give us the opportunity to take necessary prenatal care of the puppies while they're in their mother's womb. Not only do we make sure they receive all the nutrition the puppies will need, but we are blessed to live near the BEST vet in Oklahoma. The value of their good health is passed on to you so you can have a healthy corgi who will be with you for years to come.

Your puppy is raised with its future home in mind. Potty training begins as soon as they're ready. This will lessen the possibility of accidents. The puppies are introduced to dogs from outside their litter and dog-friendly cats to help them build healthy relationships with other animals. We clip the puppies nails before you get them so they are used to having their paws handled by humans so their future grooming experience is a good one. 

Now for the hard science that comes into play with your puppy...we genetically test your puppy for breed specific diseases to reduce the chances of them suffering from something preventable. In addition to that we choose corgi parents who look good and behave in a family friendly way so their temperament stays consistent. You're getting a 100% provable purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi registered by the AKC. 

Finally if you ever get separated from your corgi you can feel safe knowing that they are already microchipped with lifetime registration so if a veterinarian finds them they will contact you even if they lose their collar!

With all that in mind, the cost for a Quirky Corgi is $1,800.

How do I pay for my puppy?

For the deposit we accept G Pay, Check, Gooddog, or USD

The final payment must be made with USD.

Do you take payments?

No. We want you to be financially stable enough to care for your future Corgi. We believe that if you're unable to afford the cost of a well cared for puppy then you would be unable to afford an unexpected veterinarian emergency. We wouldn't want to put you in the position to choose if you should withhold care due to lack of funds.

Have any other question you want answered? 

Contact Us directly.