DHPP Vaccine

What Is The DHPP Vaccine?

The DHPP vaccine is a combination of vaccines. The name DHPP is an acronym that comes from the viruses it protects against.

When Should My Dog Get The DHPP Vaccine?

Talk to your veterinarian for a vaccine schedule that will best fit your pet's needs. Here is what our veterinarian had to say.

Your puppy should get the DHPP vaccine at this schedule:

  • 6-8 weeks

  • 9-11 weeks

  • 12-15 weeks

  • 16 weeks

  • Once a year after their 16 week shot

With various highly contagious or deadly viruses it's best to vaccinate your puppy early on and keep their boosters up to date. With each vaccination your puppy/dog has higher resilience to the viruses that the DHPP Vaccine protects against.

What Can You Do?

Find a breeder who vaccinates their corgis and ask what other healthcare precautions are being done.

After getting a puppy from the breeder you'll need to continue the puppy's vaccination schedule. Make an appointment with your local veterinarian to stay up to date on it's vaccines. Be sure to get your puppy's vaccination history from the breeder before seeing your veterinarian or they may not accept them as your puppy's medical history.

You must advocate for your future puppy.

To learn more about the DHPP Vaccine go to PetMD

Disclaimer: Anything written on this website should not be considered medical advice. It is purely informative. Please refer to your local veterinarian for any health related concerns.