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"We love Kal! He is such a great puppy!

Quirky Corgis did a fabulous job of raising him until we brought him home at 12 weeks. He was mostly potty trained already (not to say we didn't have accidents and a learning curve). He was also raised around other dogs, cats, and kids which was great since we have 2 cats and 2 kids. He wants to play with the cats but knows to back down when they swat. The kids have so much fun with him!

Quirky Corgis care about all of their pups and continue to follow up and provide advice. They communicated well throughout the whole process from application to pairing to pick up and beyond.

I would highly recommend Quirky Corgis to anyone looking to get a corgi!"


"I had been searching for ways of getting a corgi before and was hesitant after seeing several sites that had looked like scams. Quirky Corgis site on the other hand felt authentic enough to me so, I reached out to them and received all the information I needed about applying to receive one of these lovely dogs. They have gone above and beyond expectations. We were able to meet our little Bandit after he was paired with us. The owners are very knowledgeable and are always there to help. This was my first time ever purchasing a dog, and I would return to them in a heartbeat. They are NOT scammers! They truly love and care for their dogs and the puppies and insist that these beautiful dogs are paired up with the best families. Thank you Quirky Corgis for Bandit we love him so much! "


"Quirky Corgis is a fantastic place to buy a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I bought my Hannah, #hannahbythesea from them and we have been so pleased. To get a great dog it's important to work with them and have a good learning environment in the early days and weeks of life. Hannah is so smart. She clearly had been exposed to the early training ques before we got her. She has been so easy to train. Eddie and Joni-Lynn were great to work with from the beginning. We got regular updates about the breeding process, pregnancy, delivery and puppy updates. They have a tough home selection process to make sure the puppies are going to the right homes. Corgis are a high energy and opinionated breed, with strong herding instincts. But what a joy Hannah has been. She is so friendly, easy to train and has been easy to socialize with our other dogs, cats and horses. I recommend Quirky Corgis if you want a high quality corgi puppy!"


"We are so happy with our new corgi puppy. They made the process so easy and even offered to drive the dog to us. We didn't pay until after we got the dog and she came with all the necessary paperwork and microchipped. We love our little puppy so much and are enjoying watching her grow and explore the world."


"HIGHLY recommend if you're looking for a corgi breeder to work with! Quirk is literally AMAZING!

Super responsive, I was in contact with them about 9 months before I got Dashi (my corgi from quirky corgis). Every time I had a question/asked for updates on the litter, Eddie (main contact at Quirky) would respond with helpful answers. When the litter was born, he would send me updates and pictures of the super cute puppies!

Quirky Corgis also take BEAUTIFUL photos of all the puppies in the litter. Thanks to these photos, I got Dashi and her siblings before I met her.

When I met up with Quirky Corgis, I received all necessary documentations including all the shots Dashi got, & AKC registration, etc etc. Quirky Corgis basically help do everything for you before you get the pup! Really setting us up for success :)

Dashi is now 7 months old and I still keep in contact with Quirky. Whenever I have health/behavioral related questions, Quirky would respond immediately. They are truly so helpful and I'm so happy I got Dashi from them! "


"If you're looking to get a corgi, this is absolutely the breeder to use! Eddie and Joni are friendly, informative, professional, and incredibly passionate about what they do. The application process will make sure you get matched with the perfect corgi for you, and it is definitely worth the wait. They breed healthy, happy, smart corgis, and they will take the time to answer every question you have - before and after adoption. I consider myself so lucky to have gotten a corgi puppy from them, and I cannot recommend them enough!! "


"I am so glad that we found Quirky Corgis when researching breeders! We had the best experience. Joni and Eddie answered every question we had (there were a lot) and were great communicating with us throughout the process. They take amazing care of all their dogs and puppies. Cheddar is a happy, healthy puppy because of the care he received. Our vet even commented about how great he looked. It was so important to us that we got a corgi from a responsible, caring breeder. We could not have asked for a better experience-or corgi puppy!!! "


"I cannot recommend Quirky Corgis enough. My sister got a corgi from them in 2018 and before then, I knew little about them or the breed. After watching Poppy and doing research, I couldn’t believe how well behaved and trained she was as a puppy (not to mention beautiful) and knew I wanted one. I was on a wait list for a few years and it was 150% worth it; They take every measure to make sure they are not breeding too young and wait until they are properly developed and healthy, unlike a lot of breeders. I found out I was getting Stevie in May and Eddie and Joni have made the entire experience above and beyond what I expected. They were SO responsive with all of my questions and continually gave me updates with pictures and videos. When I got Stevie, she was already responsive to her name, had half of her vaccinations, and was almost fully potty trained.

I get compliments all the time on how beautiful she is, but I’ve also had both of the Vets at the practice who have seen her comment on how amazing her temperament is for a puppy and how healthy she is. I’ve continued to stayed in touch with Eddie and Joni and they have still been so helpful with any questions I have and are always interested to hear how she’s doing. Stevie is so playful, smart, social, constantly making me laugh, and the perfect addition. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, responsible, caring breeder."


"I cannot say enough about these amazing breeders!!! They take such wonderful care of their babies and have the cutest litters!!! They took the time to send me pictures, sent me updates, and answered any questions I had!! Even after I picked her up, if I have a question they answer it right away!! And the pictures they take for you are amazing!!! I would recommend anyone who is ready for the most beautiful breed of dogs (IMO) to get their baby from them. Thank you so very much for my beautiful Millie!!! "


"We had the best experience! Eddie and Joni care so much about their corgis, and it's evident in every step of the way to bringing a puppy home. We applied for a puppy almost a year ago, and were so elated to find out we had been matched with Toby, our sweet and playful Sable puppy. Eddie Quezada was incredible responsive during the months leading up to us bringing Toby home, answering all of my questions and reassuring us for having a puppy for the first time. When we got Toby, we were amazed that at 10 weeks old, he was almost entirely potty trained, used to his kennel, AND knew how to play fetch. He's so smart, playful, incredibly loving and caring toward my 3 children, and you can just tell he came from the most loving home. My good friend, who is a veterinarian, was incredibly impressed with his health and intelligence as well.

Even after we brought him home, Eddie and Joni welcome ALL the questions and are so supportive. This experience has by far exceeded all of our expectations, and we feel so incredibly grateful to have been chosen to be Toby's family! Cannot recommend Quirky Corgis enough!"


"I reached out to Quirky Corgis a couple of months ago to get a corgi. Their site is very intuitive and user friendly. Once I found out I was matched with a corgi, they shared pictures and updates until I received him. If you are looking for a corgi breeder who is affordable and most importantly takes care of their puppies, then Quirky Corgis is it! They take AMAZING care of the corgis and with much love. Lastly, they make sure the corgis are placed in a nice safe home. I met the breeders in person and they are wonderful people who are always to looking out for their corgis. "


"We received the most beautiful girl in the world!! Our words cannot express how grateful we are for this precious girl! We will be ever grateful! We love you and Thank you."


"Quirky Corgis is a great breeder to work with! We were shown pictures of our options for a puppy within the first 48hrs of the litter being born, and we got weekly or biweekly updates from that point on—with pictures—to watch her grow! They called her by her name, began potty training her, and socialized her to other animals all before we even got her. She’s almost 9 months now and they still check in on our girl. She is a beautiful addition to our family. "


"We had a Corgi named Steeve who lost his battle with seizures in December 2017, at the age of 5. We were devastated by our loss and missed having a corgi in our home. When I found Quirky Corgis they had a litter born within days of Steeve’s passing... AND they had 1 boy in the litter... AND he was available! It was truly destiny. The communication I received from Joni from the very beginning was excellent. She sent additional pictures and information as requested. She was willing to meet us part way to pick up our new baby.

Once we got Theo home he fit right in. He was well socialized and didn’t seems to mind our busy family of 5. He is very smart and learns very quickly. He has brought joy back to our family. Thank you Quirky Corgis for our Theo James! "


"I would definitely recommend Quirky Corgis to anyone looking for a corgi puppy! I had been looking for breeders for months before they contacted me and none of the breeders I saw before them felt like a good fit for me. I wanted a corgi with a tail and they gave the option to leave it on which was a huge plus for me. Being from Colorado, I wasn't able to see my puppy before bringing her home but from the day Poppy was born I received picture updates within a day anytime I asked and the puppies were almost always with both of their parents. When Poppy came home to me, she was perfectly healthy and amazingly socialized - she has never met a dog, other animal or person she doesn't like. Aside from that, the dogs are gorgeous and fit the breed standards perfectly. She knew her name and potty training and crate training were a breeze. These puppies are raised in a home and given the individual attention they need from the moment they are born. Quirky Corgis has met and exceeded all of my expectations for a breeder, I could not be happier with all that they did to help me get my perfect puppy! :) "


"I had wanted a corgi so bad and Quirky Corgis made that dream possible! They were both easy to talk to and super willing to work with me. We got a Tri-colored little girl from the May 2017 litter and she has been nothing but fun since we met her! She is so funny and has an incredible amount of energy and is very healthy! She gets along great with other dogs and cats which is a plus because she had been exposed to both as a puppy! I highly recommend Quirky Corgis for all your corgi won't regret it! "


"Quirky Corgis is a wonderful breeder comprised of kind and passionate corgi lovers. They are experienced, professional, and personable breeders who are a great match for first-time dog owners or pet owners looking to expand their furry family. They take great care of their corgis and litters, and they are equally concerned that their pups go to a good home. I strongly recommend Quirky Corgis to people committed to raising their own corgi puppy or corgi puppies. "

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"I absolutely recommend Quirky Corgis to anyone looking for knowledgeable, caring, professional Corgi lovers. When we got Karma home she knew her name and was virtually housebroken. They answered all the questions I had about my new baby including training, nutrition, grooming and all of the unique characteristics and behaviors that Corgis have. I received beautiful pictures of Karma starting the day she was born. They truly love what they do and it shows. Quirky Corgis are dedicated to providing excellent care for their babies and making sure they go to quality forever homes. "


"Searching for a corgi or any dog can be so overwhelming. I am so glad I heard about Quirky Corgis. They were so easy to work with and talk to. They provided me a lot of info about corgis and made sure I was going to treat my dog like a member of a family. I could not recommend Quirky Corgis enough the happiness and joy that my dog brings me daily is a result of the passion and care they put into breeding and puppy raising. "

Amber - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★