How To Get A Puppy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi mom feeding her puppies

Apply on our wait list so we know what type of corgi you're looking for.

Once we have a new litter of puppies on their way, we'll email you before going through all the applications so you can know what to expect.

After vetting all the applications, we will begin pairing people with puppies based off of what they selected when applying.

little girl playing with a corgi puppy

Once you're paired with a puppy, we require a deposit of $250 (non-refundable) by the age of 4 weeks.

This lets us know that you fully intend to get a corgi from us.

We wait until the corgis are 10 weeks old before they can go to their new homes.

During that time they'll receive medical care and the socialization they need.

Once they're 10 weeks old, you can take your puppy home with you!

When picking up your puppy, owners will need to sign the Pet Contract. This is also when the total cost of your corgi will be due.