From The Owner

Ginger is such a loving, playful, energetic dog. When we first brought her home, we had to separate her and our first dog, Bailey, for several months and slowly introduce them. They are now inseparable and Ginny literally can’t do anything without Bailey. When I wake them up in the morning, I always let Ginny out of her crate first and she goes right over to Bailey’s crate and waits for me to open it. Bailey is sort of slow to get up in the morning and Ginny bumps her with her nose and bite’s her neck until she finally gets up and they run outside together. They absolutely love to play tug of war together and fight over their bones.

Ginny loves to play fetch and she is all about belly rubs. She makes this funny, sweet noise when you are rubbing her and she looks at you with pure love in her eyes. She pretty much does her own thing unless you are petting her. She loves to take naps on the cold, wood floors and she also loves to dig holes in the backyard. She has taught Bailey all she knows about digging, so they now do it together. It is so rewarding to see the two of them play and love on each other. Ginny has been such a wonderful addition to our family and I am so excited to make many more memories and watch her grow up!