From The Owner

One of my favorite things about having Finn is just having that companionship. It has a lot to do with his personality. Having a dog who always wants to be around people kind of shows he's caring and genuine. He's not really a selfish dog. That's just nice to have whether It's just me or him or interacting with a group of people. He wants to make sure everyone gets that bit of attention and that's a great thing. That's probably one of my favorite little quirky about him. He doesn't want to necessarily be without people.

There are those times when we go out and we're going to play, we'll be in a field. There was a moment when we were running back and fourth, and of course he wants to move me in a certain direction. He immediately learned that there are somethings too big for him to stand in the way of and direct. It was just a fun moment of watching his instinct kick in. He just tumbled in the grass and learned that "Okay. This doesn't work for everything".

Although when everyone is around, he'll want to be with them. If I'm absent, after a while Finn will go upstairs and sits in his kennel. It's sweet knowing that he'll wait for me until I'm back home.