From The Owner

My favorite part about her personality is probably how lovable she is. She's incredibly snugly! Anytime any of us goes into the house she has to follow us to make sure we're okay. Whenever we sit down, Caroline is on someone's lap. She's super cuddly so I love that about her. She always has to be around us and she loves us.

With the family she's great. Caroline always follows us to see what we're doing so she can be involved. She's very well tempered; she's never been aggressive towards anybody. Caroline just loves everybody!

My favorite memory with Caroline was when we first brought her home, she was so small. She seemed to be timid, but it didn't take her long to warm up to everybody. Maybe an hour later she was playing like it was her house and was comfortable. It was good to see she was quickly happy and content in her new home.

Anytime anyone of us is feeling under the weather, sad, or sick she'll pickup on that and snuggle up closer to whoever isn't feeling that great and give them more love. It's really good to have her around, if anything just for that!