How Much Do Corgis Cost?

AKC registered corgis generally sell between $800-$2,500. There are many factors that go into pricing a corgi.

Here are some reasons why our corgis cost $1,000.

  • 100% Purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Our corgis are AKC registered; provable purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis

  • Potty training at a young age

We take the time to transition the puppies from pads to going potty outside

  • Socialization with other animals

We make sure to introduce the puppies to dogs other than their litter-mates/breed to help them know animal social rules.

  • Pre-grooming care

We trim their nails and play with their feet regularly to get them used to what they would experience at your home or a groomers.

  • Food aggression redirect training

In a home with multiple pets its important to set boundaries with another animal's food bowl. We help them understand that their food is the only food they can eat.

  • Genetic testing for DM

Having a healthy corgi in their later years is important to us. We test for DM to reduce the chances they'll experience that issue later in life.

  • Routine Veterinary care

Regular vet visits keep the puppy healthy and protected against outside threats. When you get your puppy, you can rest assured that they are happy and healthy.

  • Relationship building with Dam and Sire to build a healthy foundation of human interaction

We make sure the puppies observe obedience in our older dogs when interacting with us. This sets expectations within them that will continue after going home with you.

  • Better quality docking for the puppies that won't have a tail

We normally sell puppies with tails. A veterinarian will be used to dock tails when required by the owner. This ensures a good quality docking and more importantly a safe separation.

  • Lifetime AKC microchipping

Microchipping can be the single factor that brings you puppy back to you if you're ever separated. We feel that you shouldn't have to pay every year to keep your puppy registered for this benefit. Lifetime AKC microchips will be there for you and your puppy long term!

  • Improved puppy look and genetics

Some breeders are not picky on the corgis they use. We look for ways to improve on the puppies we produce constantly.

  • Gene testing for color

We believe in getting what you pay for. Some puppies will not show their true colors until they're already in your possession. The puppies each get genetic color testing to increase the likely-hood that you will have the color you wanted.

  • Devotion

Our lives are scheduled around the puppies. They are always cared for and looked after. This includes the corgi mom of course, but by us through in-person or digital means.

  • Continuous breeder support

Anytime; anyday you can contact us with questions or concerns about your corgi. We value owners who truely love their dogs. We share that same love and want to give you the support you need.

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