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About Us

Bin of corgi puppies

Quirky Corgis is a corgi breeder near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We sell AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis, meaning that they are purebred. We have 1-2 planned litters a year.

We've become well-known in the industry because of our corgis. Our primary goal is to breed healthy corgi puppies and place them to loving homes that will treat them as family.

Our puppies are whelped in a rural home where they are kept clean, warm, and safe under constant supervision to supplement their mother's care.

The corgis are up to date on shots and they are vet checked at every important point in their lives before leaving us.

We care so much for these dogs and hope you do, too.

How To Get A Corgi Puppy

Once we have a new litter of puppies on their way, we'll post them on our Facebook page and website.

Apply on our Waitlist so we know what type of corgi you're looking for.

corgi puppies for sale in oklahoma

After the puppies are born we will reach out to those who've applied for a corgi.

If we match what you've requested then you'll get paired with a puppy that matches that description.

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Once you're paired with a puppy, we require a deposit of $250 (non-refundable) by the age of 4 weeks.

This lets us know that you fully intend to get a corgi from us.

Corgi getting a checkup

We wait until the corgis are 10 weeks old before they can go to their new homes.

During that time they'll receive medical care and the socialization they need.

For the health of our puppies, we prefer not to let any outside individual physically interact with them.

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Regular litter updates can be found on our Facebook page. Upon request, new owners can receive updates at anytime.

Once they're 10 weeks old, you can take your puppy home with you! When picking up your puppy, new owners will need to sign the Pet Contract. This is also when the total cost of your corgi will be due.

Want to know more?

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